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The Heavy Lifters

165 Ton Mobile Crane

The Grove GMK5165-2 is both efficient and capable providing significantly longer reach and capacity. It has a fully hydraulic, six section main boom extending up to 197 feet with additional inserts up to a maximum 300 ft. tip height.

90 Ton Mobile Crane

The Grove TMS900E is a powerful superstructure on a powerful chassis makes this 90 ton mobile truck crane unbeatable on the jobsite.

60 Ton Mobile Crane

The Grove TMS700E brings maximum performance to the jobsite. The four section full power MEGAFORM boom is designed for maximum vertical and lateral strength.


We specialize in erecting Calhoun Super Structures in Eastern Ontario. These large fabric structures are used for a variety of purposes to house machinery, farm feed and supplies, etc. We have a long history working with Barrie Crane Rental Ltd. We couldn’t ask for a better crane rental partner when it comes to Mike Barrie and his team of crane operators. Mike goes out of his way to ensure we have a crane ready on site to lift the trusses for our structures, sometimes with very little lead time. The service Barrie Crane offers is excellent. All the crane operators that arrive on-site are courteous and knowledgeable and help us to execute lifting the trusses with ease. They’re very professional in front of our customers. I can call Mike and tell him I need a big crane or a little crane and he always knows what to send out to the site. They’re detailed invoicing makes it easy for our admin. process. I would recommend Barrie Crane to anyone they have excellent operators, excellent equipment and great customer service.

Pat Nugent, Lead Hand – Building Crew at Fife Agricultural Services Ltd.